Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Lesson 1: Centering

Practice: Centering

Centering is the activity of turning your focus inward, onto yourself, in the present moment. Centering can be done with your eyes open or closed. In either case tune out the outside world and focus on your own breath, body, and thoughts. Notice if you feel relaxed, do you feel grounded and stable? Notice if there is any part of your body that wants to move or stretch, do you feel stiff anywhere? Notice if a thought pops into your mind, usually something will, what is the thought about? After you notice it, let it float away, and return your thoughts to your breath. Practice focusing on your breath now, and it will help you control your focus in other situations.

Just as athletes or artists do before they perform, you can establish a ritual of centering before a new task or activity. Just breathing deeply helps you to center!

When is the best time to use these techniques?

  • Before beginning any new activity or task
  • When conflicted or distracted
  • During or after an angry or frustrated period
  • Whenever doing well is important

Breath: Balloon breath
Centering poses: mountain, rag doll, standing twist

H.W. #1

  1. bring supplies: Journal, Towel, and signed outline page
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