Monday, January 12, 2009

Lesson 16: The Power of Positive Thinking

Think Positive, you can do anything!
You can change a sad feeling or negative thought simply by thinking and breathing as you tell yourself the opposite, tell yourself the positives!

Healthy test taking
Healthy habits create an empowered sucessful outcome. Take care of your mind, body, and spirit, by eating well, sleeping well, and thinking positive. If you do your best all will turn out good.

Journal Entry #16: positive thinking

Positive Thinking, Affirmation
(maybe apply to your upcoming Tests?)

  1. Identify a fear, complaint, or goal that you would like to see some change in
  2. Describe how you feel when you think about this thing, describe how you behave when you have these feelings
  3. Create positive change by restating this thing and its feelings in an affirmative manner, start your statement with "I am..."
  1. I hate tests.
  2. They make me feel nervous and I can't stay focused.
  3. I am calm and confident that I will do well on this test, and I know that if my mind wanders I can return to my breath and re-focus myself.

Lesson 15: Energy Renewal

The new year is a time of renewal, with the winter solstice comes longer daylight time, we can come our of the long nights part of winter with new intentions for how we will use our energy. This is similar to the way some people make New Years Resolutions, things they hope to change about their lives. In particular I hope that you will use this period of the year to renew your commitment to yourself, your own empowerment and happiness. Be happy with who you are by making good healthy choices for your body, and also your mind and spirit.

Lesson 15 Activities

Co-listening, active listening
Energy renewing breath: mother earth, celestial(star) father
Energy Drawing

Journal Entry #15
, Energy Renewal

Place your energy drawing in your Journal and label it #15.

Energy Drawing Practice:
  1. start by picking one color to use, choose a color that seems to represent your energy right now
  2. draw one line with that color that represents "energy" in any way that you like (there is no right or wrong)
  3. use that first line as inspiration, a starting point for a drawing, poem, short story, or personal journal entry about energy
  4. stay connected to your breath as you complete the page, if you don't know what to do next on the page, just breath deep and slow and start your pencil moving again.
  5. Let it flow freely onto the page whatever it is