Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Lesson 14: Use the tools of Healthy Living

Use the tools of healthy living to stay happy and balanced in this time of year. Use your own strength to stay focused on what matters the most to you, as the world around you might try to push you in other directions.

There will be no required Journal Entry this week (#14)
However, I invite you to write a Personal Affirmation. This is a short phrase that might bring you back to your true self when you feel like the messages you are getting, from outside and in, aren't serving you well.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Lesson 13: Practicing Balance and meeting our Inner Advisor

Elephant breath. Stand with feet wide apart. With fingers interlaced, inhale to swing your arms up overhead, on the exhale bend the knees and swing the hands between the legs, repeat several times.

Review/warm-up: Sun salute "C", dancer (balance)

Warrior two series:
mountain, warrior 2, reverse warrior, triangle, right angle, half moon (balance)

Journal Entry #13: Inner Advisor
Describe the visit from your inner advisor from relaxation today. Who or what did it appear as? What was their name? What did you discuss with them? What did they tell you to do?

Review of Inner Advisor activity:
Lie on your back in resting pose. Imagine yourself in your peaceful garden or other place. Imagine finding a comfortable place to sit or lie down there. Imagine how nice it would be to have a guardian angel, someone who knows and loves you better than anyone else. Invite this kind, loving person to sit with you now. Let them appear in whatever form they choose, maybe an animal, a person, a relative, or a warm glowing light. Ask them their name. Accept whatever comes without trying to change it.
When you feel comfortable, explain to them what's on your mind. Ask them any questions that you need answered, or maybe ask for help with something that is confusing you. Then just listen, be open to what your inner advisor has to share. Maybe it comes in words, or pictures, or a feeling of sudden understanding.
Consider what you have received, and image yourself taking the next right action, sometimes this means just staying still and not doing anything. Notice if you have any resistance to taking this advice, and why or why not.
Thank your inner advisor and say goodbye in any way that seems right to you. Hear them remind you that you can ask them to come back any time you choose. After they've gone, bring yourself slowly back into a relaxed but awake state.