Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Lesson 2: What is breathing?

Below is a diagram of the respiratory system.
The lungs play a big part in detoxing our blood.
Moving and breathing together not only detoxifies our blood, it creates space in our spinal column.
Poses for spinal lengthening and mobility: Up cat and Down cat, downward facing dog, rag doll and waterfall, waist twisting and side bends.

The Respiratory system, from Webster's Visual Dictionary
respiratory system - Visual Dictionary Online
Today we set up journals, the first two pages are for our Table of Contents (T.O.C.)
the third page is our first journal entry, the homework is to make the following entry, #2.

Our Journal entry heading is:
Date-Your Name- Class section-Entry number
2nd line should be the Topic of entry

HW#2:journal entry #2
Journal Entry #2:

describe the breathing process by answering the following questions:
Which gas do we inhale? Which do we exhale?
What are inspiration and expiration in relationship to breathing?
What do the nasal cavity and oral cavity do?
Our lungs are organs, what is the function of the left and right lungs?
What is the main muscle that helps us breath?

Journal Entry #1: Questions, Concerns, Goals
Please write a paragraph or more about Healthy living class.
What questions or concerns might have come up in class or about the class so far?
What goals do you have for yourself in the class, and for your own health?

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