Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Lesson4: Proper alignment for safety, stability, and strength

From Websters Visual Dictionary Online

Alignment is how our bones and body parts line up in our poses.
The spine, spinal column, is the most important set of bones for body structure, health, nerve and brain activity. This includes:
the tail bone, lower back, middle back, and neck vertebrae.

There are three main "platforms" that our bones use to get in line and give our bodies structure.

They are:
  • the feet
  • hips
  • shoulders
Additionally these joints are very important for alignment also:
  • ankles
  • knees
  • elbows
  • wrists

Journal Entry #4: Alignment
Describe proper, safe, and stable alignment for at least 3 of the poses that we have learned.
Here's an example: Childs pose: kneel over on the ground so that hips are in line with heels or ankles, belly is to thighs, and shoulders are in line with knees. Forehead is touching the ground or stacked on top of fists.
Hint: table and mountain poses are a good place to start!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Lesson3: Assessing our own strength, focus, and balance

Tree Pose


  • Bear breath, see-saw, elevator
  • sun-salute poses, and series flow: Mountain, High Mountain, waterfall, rag doll, half rag doll, downward facing V, push up, baby cobra, single leg lunge

Journal Entry #3:
Assessing Myself
  • How strong am I?
  • How focused, how is my concentration? How do I know?
  • Am I balanced and coordinated?
Give Examples!

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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Lesson 2: What is breathing?

Below is a diagram of the respiratory system.
The lungs play a big part in detoxing our blood.
Moving and breathing together not only detoxifies our blood, it creates space in our spinal column.
Poses for spinal lengthening and mobility: Up cat and Down cat, downward facing dog, rag doll and waterfall, waist twisting and side bends.

The Respiratory system, from Webster's Visual Dictionary
respiratory system - Visual Dictionary Online
Today we set up journals, the first two pages are for our Table of Contents (T.O.C.)
the third page is our first journal entry, the homework is to make the following entry, #2.

Our Journal entry heading is:
Date-Your Name- Class section-Entry number
2nd line should be the Topic of entry

HW#2:journal entry #2
Journal Entry #2:

describe the breathing process by answering the following questions:
Which gas do we inhale? Which do we exhale?
What are inspiration and expiration in relationship to breathing?
What do the nasal cavity and oral cavity do?
Our lungs are organs, what is the function of the left and right lungs?
What is the main muscle that helps us breath?

Journal Entry #1: Questions, Concerns, Goals
Please write a paragraph or more about Healthy living class.
What questions or concerns might have come up in class or about the class so far?
What goals do you have for yourself in the class, and for your own health?

Lesson 1: Centering

Practice: Centering

Centering is the activity of turning your focus inward, onto yourself, in the present moment. Centering can be done with your eyes open or closed. In either case tune out the outside world and focus on your own breath, body, and thoughts. Notice if you feel relaxed, do you feel grounded and stable? Notice if there is any part of your body that wants to move or stretch, do you feel stiff anywhere? Notice if a thought pops into your mind, usually something will, what is the thought about? After you notice it, let it float away, and return your thoughts to your breath. Practice focusing on your breath now, and it will help you control your focus in other situations.

Just as athletes or artists do before they perform, you can establish a ritual of centering before a new task or activity. Just breathing deeply helps you to center!

When is the best time to use these techniques?

  • Before beginning any new activity or task
  • When conflicted or distracted
  • During or after an angry or frustrated period
  • Whenever doing well is important

Breath: Balloon breath
Centering poses: mountain, rag doll, standing twist

H.W. #1

  1. bring supplies: Journal, Towel, and signed outline page
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